Machines for rubber and plastic industry


The history of the machinery production in Chodov has got more than a hundred-year tradition. Its base was established in 1883 by smith Karel Gasch, forming a machinery company KARL GASCH MASCHINENFABRIK.

In 1905, the company already had ten production facilities and around hundred employees. In 1924, Gasch plant became a joint-stock company. In 1946, a merger with other companies from Chodov, Panenka-Öhm and Gerstner, was realized. In 1948, the company was nationalized and incorporated within Teplické strojírny.

Since 1950, after several re-organizational changes, the plant had been a part of the national enterprise Buzuluk Komárov and adopted its name as well. In 1957, it was decided there will be a new plant built on the town periphery and the production program will be modified with respect to the worldwide fast developing sector of rubber and plastic machinery. In 1959, construction of a new premises was initiated at the place it is located at the present.

On January 1, 1963, operation in the new machinery plant was initiated. In 1965, the plant BUZULUK became a part of the division enterprise CHEPOS with respect to its production program – rubber and plastic processing machines. In 1968, the plant became a part of concern Chepos Brno. On September 27, 1968, the plant was transformed to national enterprise CHODOS CHODOV by decision of the Minister of Heavy Industry. This day, a new trademark was approved, which has been registered and protected until now. In 1989, the company became fully independent and became a state enterprise.

In 1995, the plant was privatized by the successor organization CHODOS CHODOV s.r.o. In 2013, CHODOS CHODOV s.r.o. became a family company.



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