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On September 27, 1968, the trade enterprise Chepos Brno was shut down and an enterprise trust Chepos Brno established. Based on decision of the Minister of Heavy Industry, the plant in Chodov was transformed into national enterprise Chodos Chodov.
The name of Chodos originated based on a competition of connecting words Chodovské strojírny. At the same time, a trademark for Chodos product was approved in the image you can see now. According to the original base documents, the goal and graphic interpretation of the trademark presented openness to all the world. The author of logo, name of the company CHODOS and trademarks CH is Mr. Luděk Geryk.

Mr. Luděk Geryk worked in CHODOS as a promotional officer in the managing compartment and afterwards, as an independent technical sales documentalist. He had communication knowledge of Russian, German and English language. His main task was to ensure prospect design of produced machines and equipment including print preparation in the Russian, German and English language. He participated in processing company brochures and promotional materials of the plant as well as trade school. He personally prepared company stand at the international machinery trade fairs.

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